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Furutech Mains Cables

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Furutech G-314Ag-18E (Schuko) 1.8 m

Furutech G-314Ag-18E (Schuko) 1.8 m
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Furutech G-314Ag-18E (Schuko) 1.8 m

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High Performance Power Cable- 1.8m (SchukoFI-E11G+FI-15EG)

Furutech G-314Ag-18E (Schuko) 1.8 m mains cable's product information

A remarkably cost-effective power cord featuring 37-strand silver-plated α (Alpha) μ-OFC Conductor plus 37 strands of 0.25mm diameter α (Alpha) μ-OFC Conductor with high performance 9 by 24-strand braided α (Alpha) shield plus Furutech's advanced connectors achieving an amazing price/performance ratio. The best Furutech Power Cord bang for the buck!

  • High Performance POWER Cable(1.8M/Set)
  • Conductors: Silver Plated μ-OFC & μ-OFC
  • Wire conductors and all metal parts are treated with Furutech’s Cryogenic/Demagnetizing Alpha Process for minimal transmission losses.
  • Furutech Hyper Quality High Performance fittings with 24k gold-plated non-magnetic pure copper male connectors and female phosphor bronze connectors.
  • Power Cable shielded with Alpha Processed stranded-wire braid for superior noise isolation.
  • Twin flexible PVC sheaths improve vibration isolation.
  • Silver plated μ–OFC &μ–OFC Conductor internal wiring uses Polyethylene (PE) insulation to reduce capacitance.
  • High Performance FI-15E(G) IEC Connector and FI-15ME (G) Power Connector.
  • α(Alpha) conductor is the fine Silver plated μ–OFC conductor & μ–OFC conductor wire strands treated with the α(Alpha) process.
Furutech G-314Ag-18E (Schuko) 1.8 m mains cable's specifications
  • Type: 2-pole+earth
  • Rating: 15A 1 25V A.C.
  • Connectors: FI-15E(G) IEC and FI-15ME(G)Power
  • 37 strands silver-plated α (Alpha) Conductor; 0.25mm diameter × 1 core plus 37 strands of 0.25mm diameter μ-OFC α (Alpha) Conductor x 2 core
  • Insulation: Polyethylene (Red/Natural/Yellow) 3.4mm diameter
  • Inner Sheath: Flexible PVC (Black) 9.3mm diameter
  • Shield: 9 x 24 strands of 0.12mm braided α (Alpha) conductor
  • Sheath: Flexible PVC (Brown) approx. 12.9mm diameter
  • Max. Conductor Resistance 10.0 Ω/km JISC3005 6 20oC
  • Min. Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ/km JISC3005 9.1 20oC
  • Dielectric Strength AC. 1000 V/1 min. JISC3005 8

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