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Audiomania is pleased to introduce a new and exciting resonance control product - Cold Ray. This product is designed to make significant improvements to the quality of sound produced by loudspeakers and electronic devices and we are delighted to be able to bring it to the U.S. market for the very first time.

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Furutech Mains Connectors

Furutech FI-25(G)-N1 (ea.)
Furutech FI-E11(CU) (ea.)
Furutech FI-10(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-E30(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-11(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-15E(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-E11(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-E35(R)-N1 (ea.)
Furutech FI-E35(G)-N1 (ea.)
Furutech FI-15E(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-25M(G)-N1 (ea.)
Furutech FI-11(CU) (ea.)
Furutech FI-11(Ag) (ea.)
Furutech AC-INLET(G) (ea.)
Furutech AC-INLET(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-32(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-10(R) (ea.)
Furutech FT-SDS(G) (ea.)
Furutech FT-SWS(G) (ea.)
Furutech FT-SWS(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-15ME(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-15ME(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-11M(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-11M(Cu) (ea.)
Furutech FI-31(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-32(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-31M(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-32M(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-32M(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-50(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-50M(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-52(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-52M(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-33(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-33(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-09(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-09(G) (ea.)
Furutech FT-D20A(G) (ea.)
Furutech FT-D20A(R) (ea.)
Furutech FT-S20A(G) (ea.)
Furutech FT-S20A(R) (ea.)
Furutech FT-S20A(G)+102-S (set)
Furutech FT-S20A(R)+102-S (set)
Furutech FP-15A(R)-N1 (ea.)
Furutech FP-15A(G)-N1 (ea.)
Furutech FP-15A(Cu)-N1 (ea.)
Furutech Outlet Cover 102-S (ea.)
Furutech Outlet Cover 102-D (ea.)
Furutech Outlet Cover 103-S (ea.)
Furutech Outlet Cover 103-D (ea.)
Furutech FI-E30(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-UK 1363(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-UK 1363(R) (ea.)
Furutech FP-SWS(G) (ea.)
Furutech FI-E50(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-28(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-28M(R) (ea.)
Furutech FI-E38(R) (ea.)

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Furutech Mains Connectors

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Furutech FI-11(CU) (ea.)

Furutech FI-11(CU) (ea.)
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Furutech FI-11(CU) (ea.)

  More about Furutech

High Performance IEC connector

Furutech FI-11(CU) (ea.) mains connector's product information
  • High Performance Power IEC Connectors
  • Unplated
Furutech FI-11(CU) (ea.) mains connector's specifications
  • 15A 125V / 10A 250V
  • < PS >E JET:15PJET086
  • USL /CNL Listed:04CA26110
  • Unplated Phosphor bronze α (Alpha) Conductor
  • Earth (Ground) Jumper System
  • Nylon/fiberglass front body, polycarbonate shell
  • Specified for cable diameters of 6.6mm to 16mm (With a longer screw up to 20mm)
  • Dimensions: Body length 48.2mm x 38mm diameter x 74mm overall length
  • Rated: 15A/125V 10A/250V

More information about Furutech FI-11(CU) (ea.) Mains Connector
 More about Furutech
 Furutech's official web site: http://www.furutech.com


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