Cold Ray S7

Reference: 37136
Speaker stands 700 mm tube (total height with spikes 770 mm) Base platform 340X270mm, Top platform 200X145mm, special damping multilayer technology for Top Platform
€509.00 / pair, incl. VAT

Cold Ray delighted to introduce to you an exciting resonance control product - Cold Ray. This product is designed to make significant improvements to the quality of sound produced by loudspeakers and electronic devices.

One of the most important elements of the Cold Ray design is mechanical stability. Decoupling devices prove to be rather unstable as their weight exposure increases. Cold Ray works in a different way, becoming increasing more stable when bearing a greater weight load. Vertical stability plays an essential role in the performance of this product.

Height 700 mm
Height With Spikes 770 mm
Width 270 mm
Depth 340 mm
Top platform 200X145 mm
Base platform 340X270 mm
Maximum load 30 kg