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Without the inspirational presence of Danish loudspeaker legend Steen Duelund, fondly known to the cognoscenti as the mad loudspeaker professor, the Gryphon Cantata, Poseidon and Trident would be very different loudspeakers, indeed they might not even exist at all.

Duelund’s revolutionary theories on constant phase in crossover networks can be summed up in a single statement: “All drivers must be in phase at all times at all frequencies.”

Product information

Thus far, the resistor has been regarded as a necessary evil, something that was needed out of necessity but scorn for its negative impact on the fidelity of the signal.

This has changed with the introduction of the Duelund Coherent Audio Resistors. When designing these components the task was that the voicecoil of the speaker and the resistor be viewed as a whole rather than two separate entities.

Depending on your preferences, these resistors might come in 0.28 to 50 Ohms.