Penaudio Charisma Sat

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€1,995.00 / pair, incl. VAT

The speakers of Penaudio represent blend of long traditions of Nordic carpentry and the latest techniques in the working of wood. In them one can hear the sound of the northern nature.

Founder of Penaudio, mister Sami Penttilä, has always greatly appreciated the quality, originality and naturalness.

I want people to choose Penaudio not for its brand but for its quality. After that Penaudio means quality to them.”

Product information

Wall-mount speaker Penaudio Charisma Sat is designed for rear channels reproduction in surround sound systems, although standard 2-way configuration allows using them in two channel assembly just as well. The model is made for seamless coordination with Penaudio Charisma speakers and has similar technical configuration.

Mid/low ranges in Charisma Sat are reproduced by Seas Excel drivers of highest quality, featuring exquisite magnesium cone, natural rubber surround, and a solid copper phase plug for heat conduction. High-frequency spectrum part is performed by a 22 mm Wavecore tweeter with a coated textile dome and efficiently vented, large, but also lightweight coil of copper-plated aluminum.

The drivers are connected to a quality crossover made with polypropylene capacitors and air-core inductors. For cable connection, reliable gold-plated pole screws are used.

The speaker is designed for wall mount without being turned towards listener. Its enclosure is made of multilayered Finnish birch plywood – ecologic material with amazing acoustic qualities and original look. The front panel is entirely covered with acoustically transparent protection grill, which completes the speaker design as accurate and harmonic. Charisma Sat possesses balanced and dynamic sound with wide listening field, and can be used best in medium-sized rooms. While assembling a stereo system basing on this model, it is recommended to complement it with a subwoofer.

Type2-way, wall mounted, closed cabinet
Drive units22 mm textile dome tweeter (Wavecor),
120 mm midrange/bass (Seas Excel)
Cross-over4500 Hz
Frequency range±3 dB 80-26000 Hz
Sensitivity85 dB/1 m/2.83 V
Nominal impedance8 ohms
Dimensions (WxHxD)215 x 215 x 135 mm
Weight4 kg