Wavecor WF168WA02-01

Reference: 8252
6½", stamped steel, round, Ø90 mm ferrite, 1¼" VC, 8 Ohm
€66.00 / ea, incl. VAT

Wavecor drivers are built for High Resolution Playback, which means that Fine Details and Textures are reproduced without loss and that Dynamics are preserved without compression. The resulting characteristics are precise presentation of Space and Acoustics Of Recording Venue, unheard Transparency, and sharp and precise Focus.

You will not discover all of the main qualities of Wavecor drivers by measuring only but you most certainly will when you start listening.

Product information

Nominal impedance is 4 ohm for WF168WA01 and 8 ohm for WF168WA02. Otherwise the two models are identical.

WF168WA01/02 are mid/woofers designed for demanding bass and midrange applications. It works equally well for High End, Hi-Fi, High quality home theater systems, and top multimedia setups.

Powered by a large 90mm magnet structure that ensures good efficiency and optimal T/S parameters.

The large 32mm voice coil ensures high power handling - thermally and mechanically

The optimized paper cone ensures large bandwidth and low distortion. Distortion is further reduced by efficient venting and an alu shorting ring stabilizing the magnetic field in the air gap.

WF168WA01/02 are very good choices for compact 2-way speaker systems.

  • Alu field-stabilizing ring inside magnet assembly for reduced high-level distortion
  • Vented voice coil former for reduced distortion and compression
  • New vented chassis for lower air flow speed reducing audible distortion
  • Heavy-duty black fiber glass voice coil bobbin to increase power handling and reduce mechanical losses resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details
  • Large motor system with 1¼" voice coil diameter and 90mm magnet for better control and efficiency
  • Black magnet parts for better heat transfer to increase power handling
  • Long linear stroke motor for reduced distortion at high levels
  • Linear suspension with specially designed CONEX damper (spider) for long durability under extreme operating conditions
  • Gold plated terminals to prevent oxidation for long-term reliable connection
Nominal size6½ inch
Nominal impedance8 Ohm
Recommended max. upper frequency limit3000 Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)89 dB
Power handling, continuous60 W
Effective Piston Area139 cm2
Resonance frequency49 Hz
Moving mass11.8 g
Force factor6.4 N/A
Suspension Compliance0.90 mm/N
VAS24.6 Litres
Voice coil resistance6.3 Ohm
Voice coil inductance0.39 mH
Voice coil inside diameter32 mm
Voice coil winding height11 mm
Air gap height5 mm
Magnet weight400 g
Total net weight1.03 kg
Krm0.26 mohm
Kxm8.1 mH

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