Ceratec Cerasonar 9060 X4

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Ceratec has been founded in 1999 by Ulrich Ranke, the former Eton founder and inventor of the famous Hexacone membrane technology.

Ceratec offers synthesis of beauty, quality and functionality.

Ceratec design is classic and elegant.

Ceratec sound and picture are authentic.

Ceratec quality is especially obvious. Ceratec counts on fancy materials.

Product information

Cerasonar is a high quality flat panel loudspeaker produced by German Hi-Fi audio manufacturer Ceratec. Once properly installed, it becomes virtually invisible – not even grills will be present above the wall surface, as if the wall itself sounded. A layer of plaster, paint, or wallpaper, as long as it doesn’t exceed 2 mm, can mask the panel completely without compromising its sound quality.

Ceratec recommends 9060 X4 model to be used in room sizes up to 100 square meters. Its sizes are 90x60x5 cm and it’s equipped with four exciters (drivers), in accordance with its optimal sound pressure level.

Original Cerasonar technology implements patented full-range driver Exciter XT 5500/37 FF with a highly effective neodymium magnet and double coil. This driver excites vibrations over the entire surface of a special panel attached to it. This system, known as Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML), has its advantages, besides “invisible” installation possibility. Particularly, it is the broad radiation pattern in full frequency range. These panels emit uniformly clear and articulated sound in the angle over 160 degrees, which makes them a great choice for surround systems, home cinemas, and simply in case if you would like the entire space of your room filled with quality sound, rather than one narrow "sweet spot".

Moreover, sound reproduced by these speakers fades with distance slower than in case with conventional driver speakers, and less power is required to create powerful sound. Any Hi-Fi system should fit well, although Ceratec recommends using their amplifiers with integrated DSP processor.

Other important qualities of this model are stabile impedance in full frequency range, good tonal balance, and much lower possibility of acoustic feedback occurring. Overall, due to flexible nature of Cerasonar, it keeps very stabile sound quality.

Combination of the panel size, modern technologies, and sound quality make Cerasonar an excellent gift for room designers and, of course, their clients. Without any room space occupied, without any visible devices, a great stereo or surround system, as well as a home cinema audio, can be made sound with Ceratec Cerasonar. It would be a good decision to complement these panels with a subwoofer -Cerasonar 6560 x4 Sub.

System1 way
Amplifier range40 - 200 watts (100 watts max rms)
Frequency response80-18000 Hz
Impedance8 ohms
Sensivity84 db (2,83v/1m)
Fullrange4 x Cerasonar XT 5500/37 FF
Dimensions (W x H x D)900 x 600 x 56 mm