Penaudio Sara S

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€6,390.00 / pair, incl. VAT

The speakers of Penaudio represent blend of long traditions of Nordic carpentry and the latest techniques in the working of wood. In them one can hear the sound of the northern nature.

Founder of Penaudio, mister Sami Penttilä, has always greatly appreciated the quality, originality and naturalness.

I want people to choose Penaudio not for its brand but for its quality. After that Penaudio means quality to them.”

Product information

Years of calculation, testing, and perfecting allowed Penaudio to achieve harmony and fully implement their original concept of speaker sound design in this model. Sara S plays smooth, balanced, and true, keeping distortion level at minimum even at high volume. Its liveliness ensures that every emotion of your music is delivered precisely, and, together with neutral tonal balance, secures natural and detailed sound in any genre. As with all Penaudio creations, the dynamics of Sara S is noble and careful. Thoroughness and devotion with which the developer treated this project are also evident from the fact that he named it after his daughter.

Sara S is a 2.5-way floorstander speaker in a reflex-loaded enclosure, with a soft 30mm dome tweeter and two high-quality 145mm Seas Excel woofers. One woofer reproduces both mid and low-frequency ranges, while the other one is dedicated to empowering bass. Their white diaphragms are made of magnesium and have brass phase plugs to prevent adverse resonances and phase shifts in the driver cones. Channel crossover is performed by fine filters with polypropylene capacitors and air-core inductors.

Faithful to their original style, Penaudio designed Sara S enclosures of custom made birch plywood with excellent acoustic qualities. On the speaker’s rear panel, there is a narrow reflex canal port and a pair of exquisite WBT pole screws. The model comes in various finishing options, such as Birch, Black Ash, Black Piano, Oak, White Piano, Zebrano. To minimize enclosure vibrations, it is recommended to mount the speaker’s massive basement platform on special spikes or cones.

Type2,5-way, floorstander, reflex loaded
Drive units30 mm textile dome tweeter (Wavecor),
2 x 145 mm (5,7”) midrange/woofer, copper rings above and below T-shaped pole piece, radial reinforced rubber surround (Seas Excel)
Cross-over300, 4000 Hz
Frequency rangeanechoic responce ±3dB 45-28000 Hz,
in room 32-25000 Hz
Sensitivity87 dB/1 m/2.83 V
Nominal impedance4 ohms
Recommended amplifier>40 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)165 x 1080 x 317 mm
Weight28 kg
SpecialitiesSeas drivers, WBT 0780 pole screws,polypropylene capacitors, air-core inductors, aluminium reflex pipe, custom made finnish birch plywood veneer 22 mm / 16 mm solid plywood cabinet