Penaudio Charisma Signature

Reference: 36482
€4,290.00 / pair, incl. VAT

The speakers of Penaudio represent blend of long traditions of Nordic carpentry and the latest techniques in the working of wood. In them one can hear the sound of the northern nature.

Founder of Penaudio, mister Sami Penttilä, has always greatly appreciated the quality, originality and naturalness.

I want people to choose Penaudio not for its brand but for its quality. After that Penaudio means quality to them.”

Product information

Charisma is a compact, yet indeed impressive speaker with monitor sound. Accurate and clean reproduction will delight a connoisseur with every finest detail of their music, or let them immerse in a film deeply – whatever the genre is. A wonderful solution for a small to moderately sized room and when you seek pure high-fidelity sound, unattached to the speakers, in simple but elegant design.

In this model, Penaudio traditionally uses thick plywood of Finnish birch. One of the recognized company style aspects, this material is ecologic, pleasant to an eye, integrates easily in various room designs, and possesses amazing acoustic qualities.

High quality tweeter produces detailed, open sound. At the rear panel you’ll find a reflex canal port and a couple of fine screw poles by WBT. Crossover filters are made with Jantzen inductors and Mundorf capacitors. Crossover frequency is 4500 Hz, which means that Charisma plays consistently, undividedly in mid-range, so important to human ear.

Tech Specs
Type2-way, stand mounted, reflex loaded
Drive units22 mm textile dome tweeter (Wavecor),
120 mm midrange/bass (Seas Excel) with heavy copper rings above and below pole piece
Cross-over4500 Hz
Frequency rangeanechoic response ±3 dB 48-26000 Hz,
in room response 50-25000 Hz
Sensitivity85 dB/1 m/2,83 V
Nominal impedance8 ohms
Recommended amplifier>30 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)140 x 250 x 312 mm
Weight5,6 kg
SpecialitiesSeas excel drivers, WBT 0780 pole screws, polypropylene capacitors, air-core inductors, aluminium reflex pipe, custom made finnish birch plywood 22 mm / 16 mm solid plywood cabinet