Arslab Old School Superb 90

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Bookshelf Speakers
€1,490.00 / pair, incl. VAT

ARSLAB – a European brand of highly sophisticated and affordable acoustic systems designed and produced in Latvia (European Union).

ARSLAB believes Hi-Fi sound does not need to be expensive. This philosophy is the cornerstone to ARSLAB and shapes our everyday actions to bring you, the client, an inspirational and enriching acoustic experience at a terrific value. 

Product information

Which of us has never fallen to the noble charm of old school? Some sympathize it out of nostalgia for their past, others would feel respectful interest to an item with its own history. Sometimes it seems that technical equipment, too, is akin to good wine – the older, the better, and “these days, they don’t make such anymore”. However, audiophiles find themselves in a complicated situation here. The progress has advanced far ahead since the “good old times”, leaving retro speakers out of competition, with their imperfect materials, crude technologies, and lower quality drivers. Can there be a compromise, or even better, a win-win? The answer is “yes”. Arslab’s newest series “Old School Superb” is a fine example of how they would have made loudspeakers in past, if they’d had the knowledge and experience of today.

Judging by their impressive size, it’s hard to categorize them as “bookshelf” type, but Old School Superb 90 is exactly the modern interpretation of classic three-way loudspeakers of 80s. They keep all the best traditions of their prototype – solid bodies, sealed enclosure, front panel deck switches that allow tonal balance adjusting by +/- 2 dB.

Bass and mid-range drivers are by Wavecor, 10” with long-throw and Balance-Drive technology implemented, and 6”, accordingly. Both display trustworthy, fine work in their frequency ranges, even in high power mode. High frequency channel is represented by silk diaphragm drivers of Morel’s production, ensuring even greater dynamic range with minimum distortions.

Recommended amplifier power – 200 watt.

Type3-way, sealed enclosure
Frequency response26 Hz – 25 kHz (45 Hz – 25 kHz, -3 dB)
Sensitivity86 dB / 1 m / 2.83 V
Impedance6 ohms
Recommended amplifier power25-200 W
Dimensions (w x h x d)340 х 650 х 400 mm