ARSLAB – a European brand of highly sophisticated and affordable acoustic systems designed and produced in Latvia (European Union).

ARSLAB believes Hi-Fi sound does not need to be expensive. This philosophy is the cornerstone to ARSLAB and shapes our everyday actions to bring you, the client, an inspirational and enriching acoustic experience at a terrific value.

To accomplish the philosophy of Hi-Fi sound at a reasonable price, ARSLAB listened to the concerns of clients, understanding their trade-offs, priorities, and desires then worked closely with ARSLAB’s highly experienced engineers to create greatly satisfying speakers.

From the start of our early discussions, ARSLAB Engineers stressed the importance of selecting the best components to realize the client’s desires. By taking advantage of an efficient production process, the custom made speakers could be produced at a high quality while minimizing costs.

These cost savings (without compromising style or durability) have enabled ARSLAB to select quality components which deliver an inspirational and crisp acoustical experience. Combined together, ARSLAB speakers offer inspirational sound, style, and a remarkable acoustic experience.

Enjoy your ARSLAB experience.